Updated 15 February 2017

What I'm Working On and Thinking About

Chairing the Board at Washington Montessori School

Running Copes Waste Solutions

Shopping for a vintage Airstream to convert into a garden office

Shopping for a Fender Stratocaster (I suck at playing guitar, but still want a new one. Maybe it'll help.)

Setting up an email newsletter to share all the stuff I stumble upon each week.

What I'm Reading

"Poor Charlie's Almanack", edited by Peter D. Kaufman

Finally getting around to reading this after having it on my list for quite a while. The wisdom of Charlie Munger collected in a beautiful book. Perfect.

"The Three-Body Problem", by Cixin Liu

Hugo Award winning book by "China's most beloved science fiction author". I'm really enjoying it.

"Shoe Dog", by Phil Knight

I absolutely loved this memoir by the creator of Nike. I kept seeing this pop up on 2016 "best of" lists, but wasn't really interested. But then I started reading it and couldn't put it down. 

What I'm Listening to

"Rich Man", by Doyle Bramhall II ( iTunes ) ( Amazon

My wife and I were invited to see Doyle play at Infinity Music Hall in October and were blown away by the show.

The Tim Ferriss Show: Mr. Money Mustache

My first exposure to Mr. Money Mustache. I'm hooked.


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