Cheers to Being a Quitter

Justine Bronson on Medium:

I was also fortunate to occasionally come across a weirdo. Someone who was completely in love with what they do while the rest of us spoke mostly in sighs and eye-rolls 8 hours a day. And as much as I'd like to poke fun at the happy weirdo - because I cannot understand how we did the same job with such different feelings - I'm jealous. I want to be that weirdo! I want to take pride in my work and myself and wake up looking forward to the ups and downs because I'm invested, I care and I truly feel as if what I'm doing matters.

I love that paragraph. When I worked at J&J, I was in a building of a few thousand people and the end of the day couldn't come soon enough for most of us. We still put in long hours, but only because we were all looking for our next promotion - not because we were lost in our work and forgot what time it was. But there were some "weirdos" among us who were fascinated by what they were doing.

Not always, but often, it seemed that the "weirdos" were the people creating something or working with their hands - the lab techs, the machinists, the prototype builders, the CAD designers.